We are a reliable multi-disciplinary EPIC Contractor has in-depth experience in handling the requirements and meeting the expectations of key industrial sectors such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Power Industries and Refineries,Specialized in Turnaround Shutdowns.

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ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL is a reliable multi-disciplinary EPIC Contractor

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL extensive experience in operating large-scale and demanding facilities has enabled the company to develop and institutionalize quality process and procedures aligned to internationally accepted standards and management concepts. While maintaining the flexibility to modify and adapt with the customers‟ specific requisites, the overall quality management initiative is attuned to the needs of the industry. Across the country we have the ability to provide our customers with a full range of products and value-added services supported by a collective knowledge base.

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL has a division for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Maintenance. The Group consists of well qualified team of Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman‟s, Technicians and skilled labors for both Industrial and Residential maintenance.

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL is engaged in the whole operational support service to different reputed companies and also providing Industrial Operation and Maintenance. AIG is also engaged in the field of Specialized Industrial Services, Industrial tools and heavy equipment rental.

ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL also focuses on Trading tosupport our clients to procure all necessary equipment‟s and materials for projects with the most competitive and reliable materials in terms of cost and quality. The company supplies all electrical, mechanical and other industrial materials through a vast network of manufacturers and suppliers.

Office partitioning service in Riyadh Saudi

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More About Our Services

Being a good corporate citizen and welcomed neighbor. We are honored and proud of our reputation as a socially responsible company, committed to developing and improving quality of life in the communities where we live and work, and society at large.

As in other parts of our business, our approach to corporate citizenship draws on our long-standing innovation, unique capabilities and can-do spirit. Around the world, we support communities in multiple ways and seek to have positive impact on those whose lives we touch.

Winning ways to excellence.

Delivering products and services that meet client requirements, on time and within budget is one of our fundamental values. The overriding goal is to excel the first time, every time.

Quality is a part of our heritage. During a long, rich history, AIG has established an exceptional track record of effective and efficient project management and execution. Proven quality processes, procedures and practices in all phases of a project have kept us on top of our game. Even more, we have the passion and commitment needed to maintain our leading edge through impeccable preparation, rigorous discipline and continuous improvement.

AIG is committed to meet and exceed clients‟ requirements and expectations in the field of projects construction and industrial services.

We implement and maintain a quality management system involving all employees from top management, Project organization management and support services organization.

We continually reinforce our reputation for superior quality works and services by providing respect, training, involvement, recognition, reward, security and advancement opportunities to our associates.

We will conduct research and development and review our methods of operation in a never ending effort to continually improve the quality of projects and services we offer.


In living our values and achieving high-performance operations, we are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety and well- being of our workforce and the environment. At AIG, we consider safe, healthy, environmentally sound and secure operations as more than just good business sense. They are the way of life - key values, a mindset and goal - and integral elements of how we define success. They are integrated into facilities design, construction and operations that are reliable and efficient, preventing injury, illness and incidents. These commitments are documented in our health, safety, environmental and security policies, implemented and tracked, evaluated and updated through our management systems. Our commitment to health, safety, environment and security is also evident in our quality standards.

In addition to health-related employment benefits, we provide support programs and services that promote a healthy workforce and mitigate significant workplace health risks. We strategically track health impacts and trends at worldwide, regional and local levels, and play a constructive role in raising employee awareness and preventive action. This role includes sharing information and advising employees of local resources through health fairs, special presentations and other internal communication channels. Specific services such as flu shots and sports-related activities directly engage employees in a healthy lifestyle. Dedicated medical staff and facilities onboard our vessels and onsite at our fabrication yards provide specialized care and resources.

One of our top priorities is safety in the workplace with the goal of No Injuries, No Incidents. This requires responsibility and diligence from every person to identify hazards and assess, eliminate or mitigate risks according to company guidelines. To assist in meeting the guidelines we operate numerous internal safety and risk management procedures, including extensive quantitative risk modeling for all major projects. We also invest in providing employees with the skills, training and equipment necessary to minimize risks.

Committed to a strong set of environmental principles, it is our policy to minimize the impact that may be associated with any of our activities. Our facilities and vessels have plans in place for detailed spill prevention and response that not only identify the types of substances but the methods of containment and spill response for each substance. These principles and control systems are incorporated into our designs for clients’ projects. We invest in new technologies that rely less on non-renewable resources. Examples include recycling of used garnet as a raw material for manufacturing concrete block paving, and hydrotesting material that does not require disposal as hazardous waste.

Through an ongoing process of carefully assessing and addressing potential security issues, we ensure the security of our people and assets. Travel advisories are issued, as warranted, and customized plans developed for individual facilities, vessels, offices and other work locations.



  • Planning & Operations Management

    An extensive history of Engineering Excellence is central to the reputation AIG enjoys as the pre-eminent Contracting services company.

    AIG is committed to the consistent provision of comprehensive, professional engineering services in the whole range of engineering projects for both small and large governmental, corporate, industrial and private clients. Its turnkey operations include the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of a diverse range of electrical and mechanical services and engineering projects.

    Project Planning

    Engineers and Engineering Teams vary greatly in how they carry out their projects in Business. Our engineers and engineering team always have their project under control. When faced with an impossible task they act quickly, face it, and reorient themselves. They overcome the difficulty and then get on with the next problem

    AIG’s Team consists of the following elements:

    • Defining the Objectives of the Project
    • Defining the Constraints, Physical, Financial, Manpower & Time
    • Generating Alternate methods of Solution
    • Evaluating Alternative Solutions
    • Gathering Information & Carrying out Solution
    • Evaluating against Objectives
    • Generalizing and Extending the Results
    • Iterate and Report Results.
    Important Aspects of AIG’s Project Planning:
    1. Schedule the whole Project at the beginning
    2. Recognize interdependence of the parts.
    3. Identify the Critical items early.
    4. Seek the best time and Cost Estimates.
    5. Modify and update the Schedule.
    1. Follow and Monitor on a regular basis
    2. Include all Contributors in the monitoring process
    3. Plan general alternatives for each contingency
    4. Keep the goals and alternatives in mind
    1. Take early corrective action when needed
    2. Balance project effort
    3. Look for where effort can be reduced
    4. Make changes early rather than late

    Subcontractor Management

    Management means excellence in the technical, cost, and delivery aspects of the project. This requires proper attention being paid to the administrative aspects of the project scheduling, monitoring, and control.

    We are able to self-perform most required activities, but also have the capability and experience to outsource many unique or specialized activities to our network of qualified subcontractors. It is often the smartest and most cost-effective solution for managing maintenance and small project work across a broad geographical area.

    AIG has offered our subcontractor management service since 1990, and in each instance we dispatch the most appropriate subcontractor based on cost, location, availability and safety to best serve our client‟s needs.



    Our expertise ranges from tenant improvements to complex office towers, shopping centers, hotels/resorts, and airport facilities for local, national, and international clientele. With offices across the nation, our geographic diversity uniquely positions us to assist our customers with expansion plans into new markets

  • Our construction expertise includes:

    1. Office Buildings
    2. Shopping Centers
    3. Department Stores
    4. Hospitality – Hotels & Resorts
    5. Big Box Retails
    6. Restaurants
    7. Data centers
  • Light Industrial

    We have completed more than 10 million square feet of light industrial buildings.

    Whether it‟s a heavy Industrial plant site, food processing facility, an industrial park, or an aviation facility within an operating airport terminal, we have constructed them all and have the experience to work within these specialized environments.

    Light Industrial Construction Projects we’ve completed include:
    1. Warehouses and Distribution
    2. Process & Manufacturing
    3. Research & Development/Flex
    4. Aviation


    As an Industry leader in residential construction, AIG has delivered more than 3,000 Residential units and constructed over 5 million square feet of mid- and high-rise structures during the past 30 years, for some of the Industry’s most well- known International Developers.

    We have worked on the most prestigious developments. These developments boast some of the most luxurious and expensive residences in the market. Our experience, quality control approach, and track-record of success are a few of the reasons clients come to us repeatedly for construction of high-end, exclusive condominium and mixed-use developments.

    Our clients trust AIG to deliver on time.

    Light Industrial Construction Projects we’ve completed include:
    1. Warehouses and Distribution
    2. Process & Manufacturing
    3. Research & Development/Flex
    4. Aviation

    Special Projects

    Each and every project we complete is unique and critically important to our clients, no matter the size or complexity. AIG recognizes this when taking on smaller, unique projects such as retail tenant improvements and smaller stand-alone commercial and Industrial developments. With these shorter duration projects, we are able to respond to fast-track schedules and effectively coordinate each project to suit our client‟s specific needs.

    We are sensitive to the needs of working within operational facilities and have developed procedures to provide a safe environment for workers and the public. AIG’s Quality Program is applied to every project, providing the high quality level of finish required on these specialized projects.

    We offer extensive knowledge of construction cost data to assist clients during design development and provide feedback on cost, schedule, and constructability. We are also available to be a vital part of your sustainability goals whether you require a Building certification.

    Special Projects we’ve completed include:
    1. Commercial Interiors
    2. Retail Interiors
    3. Office Tenant Improvements
    4. Data Centers
    5. Auto Dealerships
    6. Hotel/ Resort renovations
    7. Specialized Health Care
    8. Airport Renovations
    9. Restaurants
    10. Project Management

    AIG is also a leader in sustainable construction. We help clients optimize their building design criteria through a triple bottom line approach of people, planet and profit, for both planned new and existing facilities. We understand the balance between great design and constructability to successfully meet our clients’ current sustainability goals.


    Mechanical Construction

    AIG Mechanical Construction Engineering Company is specialized as its main scope of activities in Electro- Mechanical & Structural Steel Erection, Commissioning & Fabrication.

    AIG has a long experience in erection of wide range of mechanical equipment and machinery. This range includes the most delicate and accurate installation of different equipment‟s, like Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Pumping Station, Cement Plant, Waste Water Treatment.

    AIG has a good experience in operation and maintenance work of a Steam Power Plant, Gas Power Plant, also for Waste Water Treatment Plants, Potable Water Plants. This specialized category of work is done by group of specialists made their experience over years of distinctive performance.

    AIG has also acquired the experience of Structural Steel, Ducting work and Process Piping fabrication. The works included various functions and purposes like ware houses, fuel stations and different piping and ducting works. The company has its own team of engineers for preparing shop drawings necessary for fabrication.

    AIG has specialists in supply of access scaffolding and formwork systems and associated products Solutions are provided with the full technical support and backing of the AIG engineering team. Your project requirements will be specifically planned to overcome constraints and help you meet your safety targets on site.

    Pipeline Construction

    Pipeline Construction & Maintenance (PCM), striving to meet the varied construction needs of the industries with a strong commitment to stable quality service to the industry

    We are experienced in the construction of 2 in. to 60 in. pipelines including mainline cross country construction utilizing mechanized or manual welding methods in a variety of geographic regions. AIG’scurrent capacity includes two mainline spreads of modern pipeline construction equipment. We can also provide qualified inside plant construction, handling above and underground piping in and around oil sands related mines, SAGD and upgrader facilities.

    PCM and its affiliates companies are proud to safely serve the Oil and Gas Industry through Pipeline, offshore and general fabrication services. PCM arranges all required facilities at worksite, HSE training programs are actively in place, as well as required screening of all employees at worksite. AIG has years of experience in the industries of construction and pipeline maintenance.

    Our pipeline integrity services include:

    1. Investigative digs
    2. Hydrostatic retests
    3. Pipeline conversions (gas to oil and vice versa)
    4. Replacements
    5. Sleeve/Clock springs installation

    Mechanical Operation & Maintenance

    The O & M Division has serviced more than 30,000 MW of generating capacity since 1990 - an achievement that reflects on the consistency of its workmanship quality and widespread industrial acceptance. AIG is expertise in Overhauling and Maintenance of power plants, closely allied to its main field of Operations.

    The Division received good response from the industry for refurbishing their units. Since then, the Division has broad based its operational base to include customers in Fertilizers, Petrochemicals Cement, Oil and Gas sectors. AIG strategy of servicing the existing market segments in more ways than one.

    A work force of highly competent engineers, skilled technicians and workmen form the O & M team. Supported by modern equipments, the Division handles complete overhaul and repairs to boilers, turbines, auxiliaries, generators, rotary machines, coal and ash handling equipments, pump stations, pipelines etc. The services also include fabricating / sourcing parts which need replacement, complete reassembly, testing and system integration.

    AIG’s Mechanical Projects Department specializes in the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an extensive scope of mechanical services, in a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential projects.

    AIG’s is prequalified for mechanical contractor works, this permits AIG’s to work on any mechanical services project issued by the government within the Kingdom, and provides an objective assessment of AIG’s capability in the mechanical services field.

    The Range of Services offered comprises the following:

    1. Complete mechanical building services installations
    2. Chilled water air conditioning systems.
    3. Direct expansion (DX) central air conditioning systems (packaged and split AC equipment).
    4. Air conditioning ancillaries including piping, ducting, insulation, pumping systems, air outlets and control systems.
    5. In-house design and fabrication of ducting, trunking, steel supporting structures and the like.
    6. Building management and control systems (BMS) & Plumbing installations.
    7. Foul and storm water drainage systems, & Refrigeration systems & plants.
    8. Firefighting, fire protection and deluge systems (water and gas based).
    9. Water and sewerage pumping stations, & Water and sewerage treatment plants.
    10. Irrigation networks with automatic control systems.
    11. LP gas, fuel and compressed air systems.
    12. Sheet metal and light steel fabrication and painting works.
    13. Specialized mechanical plant & equipment erection services.

    Equipment Fabrication

    AIG’s Equipment Fabrication facility is considered as an integration to its Comprehensive Project Construction Capabilities and Revamp Projects. AIG can fabricate Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Stacks, Technology Structures, Piping Spools, Fired Heaters, Waste Heat Recovery System, Condenser’s etc., as part of project or an independent business.

    The manufacturing facility is equipped with suitable machinery and skilled work force with a dedicated management for the facility.

    Equipment Overhauling (Columns, Reactors, Vessels, Exchangers, Etc.)

    AIG can attend to total service requirement arising out of Shutdown Plant Overhauling jobs. To be a competitive organization, we have developed total resources required to Plan and execute multiple tasks at a time and have all required equipment’s developed in house. Our strategic alliance with Bolttech - USA, Magicrot – Russia, etc. has helped us offer the fastest and most competitive solutions to the industry. Our crew and resources could be mobilized anywhere in the world.

    Our Revamp Project Execution approach Includes:

    1. Field Surveys, Including laser scanning to develop as built information
    2. P & ID / Scope/HSE/Constructability reviews.
    3. Understanding existing plant problems.
    4. Total Project Planning & Management using Primavera P6 and creation of Job Cards to handle critical jobs.
    5. Procurement and Engineering support during construction.

    Tank Maintenance

    AIG has become the partner of choice for the complete EPC delivery, including in-house detailed design, of both floating roof and fixed roof tanks.

    AIG has vast experience in the design, custom shop fabrication, and field erection of Storage Tanks all across India & Abroad. ESP Asia commonly designs and constructs storage tanks in accordance with API 650, API 620, API 635,and ANSI B96.1 standards and certifications, as well as to customer specified design criteria.

    AIGhas a Maintenance and Repair Division, which is excellent at providing quick, safe and efficient service with a minimum of plant production disruption for both emergency and planned shutdowns.

    AIG can offer the following services using in-house resources:

    1. Re-design Tank Roof, Shell, bottom or Sealing as per latest standards.
    2. De-Sludge and Tank Cleaning.
    3. Sludge Processing and Separations using Centrifuge system.
    4. Steel replacements.
    5. Seal replacement and Fire Protection system.
    6. Blasting and Painting.
    7. Tank Calibration.

    Valve Maintenance

    We are one of the leading contractors for Reconditioning / Reclamation of all types of valves for major REFINERIES, PETROCHEMICALS, FERTILIZERS, CHEMICALS, STEEL PLANTS, ATOMIC ENERGY, OFFSHORE RIGS, HEAVY WATER PLANTS, & PHARMACEUTICALS, all over India & in the Middle East for the past two decades.

    We have serviced thousands of valves in the last two decades in sizes ranging from ½” to 60” of all construction of material and pressure rating from 150# to 10,000# PSI and inspection under various clients like BPCL, MRPL, CPCL, Oman Refinery & etc. We have serviced several types of Indian and Imported valves of various makes.

    We offer the following types of services based on job quantum and nature of work involved as follows

    1. Annual rate contracts for all types of valves reconditioning.
    2. In-situ valves repairing & testing during annual turn around.
    3. Shut down and emergency valves maintenance.
    4. Safety valves recalibration & testing at site.
    5. Second hand plant refurbishment of valves.
    6. In-situ lapping of high pressure valves using in-situ machine in power plants.



    AIG’s Electrical Projects Department specializes in the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of low voltage electrical building services, in a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects.

    AIG is recognized as one of the leading electrical contractor, with a wide experience and extensive portfolio of electrical projects completed for all of the major government sectors, as well as most major industrial, commercial and private companies contracting electrical works.

  • The range of services offered comprises the followin:

    1. Complete building services installations.
    2. Low and medium voltage power distribution and control systems, including switchgear, motor control centres, control panels, cabling, raceways and power outlets.
    3. Indoor and outdoor lighting installations, including lighting control systems.
    4. Earthing and lightning protection systems.
    5. Fire detection, fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.
    6. Security systems, including CCTV, access control and PIR alarm systems.
    7. Telephone, data and structured cabling networks.
    8. Standby and emergency power systems, including generators, UPS and DC battery systems.
    9. Electrical testing and commissioning services.
    10. Specialized Electrical Plant and Equipment Erection Services.
  • AIG Electrical Division has been associated with both Utilities and Industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastfor providing the solution for the satisfactory performance of electrical installations for past two decades.

    AIG Electrical Division, with an adequate team of core-competent technical professionals, strives to perform their best in the field of Plant Commission and Maintenance Services.

    AIG Electrical Division profile includes, -testing and commissioning of new installations including substations up to 380KV for utilities,-preventive , and turnaround maintenance, repairs, trouble shooting in the existing installations, in Oil and Gas, Refineries, and Petrochemical Industries.

    Fully equipped with the latest state of the art and internationally reputed make of test equipment, and spread across the Kingdom with local presence at Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail and Yanbu


    1. Installation of instruments including tubing and instrumentation cabling.
    2. Calibration of instruments.
    3. Loop checking and commissioning.
    4. Alignment of pumps and compressor shafts.
    5. Vibrator adjustment by highly qualified instrument, machinist and millwright technicians.


    1. Duct fabrication and installation.
    2. Insulation.
    3. Maintenance of all HVAC installatio


    Plant Maintenance (Static Equipment Repair & Services)

    Maintenance such as Static equipments and storage facilities Apart from its Global experience, AIG is currently operating Maintenance Contract for Marine Tank Farm and Jetty at Reliance Industries, and similar contract with larger scope for Essar Refinery at Jamnagar & Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited at Chennai – India.

    AIG has assumed a major role in facilities maintenance, working continuously in three major processing plants for several years. Our multi-skilled workforce is an attraction many facilities appreciate. With the available flexibility, more is accomplished in less time with fewer people, resulting in considerable savings.

    We also offer Operation and Maintenance services for Mini Power/Process Plants, large factory utilities such as Boilers, Turbine DM Plants, etc by deputing a complete team of Engineers and Technicians in Mechanical, Electricals and Instrumentation discipline. We can achieve required targets of production by our O and M Services.

    Field Work

    Plant Maintenance Services (PMS) is a multifaceted contracting company with years of field experience providing corrosion protection and refractory solutions for multiple industries. PMS works closely with each client and other job contractors on scheduling, cost control, and safety to insure efficient integration of project tasks to accomplish productive and cost efficient job results.

    At MS, we take pride in our employee‟s technical knowledge and craftsmanship. They provide field services to fabricate and install acid brick, resinous flooring systems, tank linings fiberglass pipe, and other non-metallic products. Workforce capabilities that allow PMS to often respond as a multifaceted field service contractor bundling several non-metallic project tasks within a single project to improve time schedules and reduce costs for the customer.

    Shop Work

    Plant Maintenance Services (PMS) shop facilities provide industry standard and custom design fabrication solutions for the manufacture of fiberglass and thermoplastic specialty shapes, rubber lined pipe and vessels, polymer concrete trenches and sumps, refractory burner tiles and much more. If it‟s non-metallic, it‟s our specialty.

    PMS has shop fabrication and assembly facilities located in Houston, TX, St. Gabriel, LA and Harrison, AR. Each of these facilities provides a shop-controlled environment for the manufacturing and fabrication of non-metallic industrial equipment parts and components.

    As illustrated in our shop photographs, MS „s shop facilities provide for easy quality control and preplanned straight timework to reduce downtime and project cost.

    Plant Turnaround & Shutdowns

    AIG offers effective Plant Shutdown and Turnaround services. ESP plays a major role with organizations to achieve a cost effective and time efficient shutdown/turnaround using our process and Maintenance Shutdown Planning. We have been successful in saving substantial amounts of money for organizations that have used our products and services. We deliver on all of our services with integrity and professionalism.

    AIG has executed major maintenance contracts in Pipeline, Rotating & Static Equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical and general plant maintenance. We continue to serve the Oil & Gas industry in all areas of plant maintenance.

    Unplanned maintenance or equipment failure can be quickly rectified by our readily available installation technicians and skilled workforce.

    Our clients included various government organizations, petrochemical plants, fertilizer units, refineries, power plants, reputed international companies etc. with our well experienced shut down wing and modern technical equipments and resources we can complete the job well within the challenging limits of time frame, there by automatically bringing down the downtime of plants. Our shutdown services include inspection services, Equipment O/H jobs, De- coking, De contamination, Hydraulic bolt tensioning, Bundle Extraction, Rope access based working, and specialized water jetting services.

    Mechanical De-coking (FURNACE DE COKING AND PIGGING)

    AIG can offer De-coking Services as a standalone service or as part of our overall Shutdown Package.

    AIG has Strategic alliance with MAGICROT DECOKING SERVICES – RUSSIA for this specialized service. They are supporting with their expert manpower and equipments which will be supported by our planning, support and logistic crew. We are extremely proud of our world-wide partnerships, and look forward to the opportunity of providing their facility with our state-of-the-art technology.

    Mechanical decoking with flexible scrapers is the most successful, reliable, fastest and safest de-coking method for removing coke and inorganic deposits from internal surface of piping coils (both convection and radiant sections).

    This technology is used all over the world by major Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Plants, Power Plants and a wide range of other facilities that require removal of hard and soft deposits from Production Lines.

    Bolt Tensioning & Torquing

    AIG is the Exclusive Distributor for Bolttech in India and the Middle East to market their entire range of products and Services. The dedicated product and service support from BOLTTECH – USA and our experienced crew and system has put AIG into a unique position in the industry.

    We can offer :

    1. Sales of Hydraulic Tools and Pneumatic Tools.
    2. Provide Equipments of rental basis.
    3. Provide Spares and service support to Bolttech products.
    4. Carry out Bolting Contracts as dedicated service to clients.

    The Bolting technicians are some of the most experienced Mechanical Technicians hence ensure multiple tasks execution with fewer people at site thereby reducing the deploymen

    Computed aided Bolting:

    Our crew uses customized software for calculating the value required for Bolting and also provide the client with a proper procedure before the execution of the job.

    AIG's Bolting Crew works towards “ZERO LEAKS” during plant start-ups

    Bundle Extraction

    AIG has a extensive range of Bundle extraction for Heat Exchangers and cleaning services. AIG offers blind-to-blind bundle extraction and cleaning services. Our skilled operators and tradesmen use state-of-the-art bundle extraction technology, which is the most productive combination available with us.

    We offer the perfect combination to suit your plant requirements, with aerial units from 15-30 t capacity, and self- propelled capacity up to 4 t. For difficult heat exchanger cleaning problems, we also offer a full line of automated high pressure water cleaning units.

    Catalyst Handling

    AIG is a Turn-Key Specialty Contractor focusing on the disciplines of full service reactor maintenance. Established to service refineries and petrochemical facilities worldwide, AIG& Our Exclusive Partners brings over 07 years of management and field experience to ensure the successful execution of critical reactor maintenance. With our highly specialized equipment and personnel, AIG is able to offer a solution to any catalyst related work.


    1. Dump
    2. Vacuum
    3. Screen & Separate
    4. Inert or Non – Inert


    1. Sock Loading
    2. Dense Loading
    3. Inert or Non – Inert
    4. Video Monitoring
    5. U.O.P Dense Loading


    AIG has Strategic alliance with Experts for this specialized service. The AIG group of companies provides a range of industrial services for both hazardous and non hazardous areas. AIGwill design and execute your plant decontamination and the results are guaranteed.


    1. To clean the equipment internal and restore the efficiency of the equipment.
    2. Reduction of quantity and toxicity of cleaning waste.
    3. To allow for inspection and repair of the unit immediately on completion of the decontamination without any further cleaning.
    4. To minimize corrosion and extend the equipment life time

    Where can we Help?

    In refineries & Petrochemicals Units
    1. Atmospheric &Vaccum Distillation
    2. FCC
    3. Visbreakers
    4. Coker
    5. Amine & Sour Water Units
    6. Solvent Extraction Units
    7. Flare Systems
    8. Desalters, Merox, Ethylen Units

    Where can we Help?

    1. During Turn Around
    2. Urgent Decontamination During Emergency Stop
    3. Pre Operational Deposits Removing

    API Inspection & NDT

    AIG‟s Inspection services are established in order to cater the in-house requirements in projects and Shutdown services.Qualified Inspection personnel coupled with Rope Access Expertise has been completing assignments well in time and has saved considerable time during time-bound projects and revamp jobs.

    AIG‟s Inspection personnel are working around the world and offer‟s the much needed international exposure, certification and adaptability to suit urgent deployments.

    General Inspection services offered are:

    1. Visual Inspection / Video visual of remote locations.
    2. UP / MPI / Eddy Current / IRIS of Plants
    3. Reactor Inspection and cleaning
    4. Coating and refractory Inspection
    5. ESP's Inspection personnel are qualified, experienced and certified by Internationally recognized organizations such as ASNT, API, AWS, NACE and BG

    Correction Protection Service

    The corrosion protection Division Provides the Following Service:

    1. Coatings
    2. Surface preparation & application of coatings
    3. Wrapping & fireproofing
    4. Scaffolding
    5. Rigging
    6. Insulation


    AIG offers top quality corrosion protection services for pipelines, vessels, cargo, ballast & storage tanks. Such coatings are extremely challenging and require precision and perfect coordination.

    AIG has experience with a wide range of anti-corrosion systems covering:

    1. Epoxy – 100% solids, coal tar, phenolic coatings
    2. Glass reinforced vinyl ester, polyester, phenolic & epoxy systems
    3. Zinc – organic and inorganic, moisture-cured
    4. Polyester based coating systems
    5. Silicones & high temperature coating systems
    6. 100%expanded or unexpanded, aliphatic and aromatic urethanes
    7. Acrylies, alkyds - water and oil
    8. Cementitious fire-proof coatings
    9. Chlorinated rubber coatings
    10. Heat-resistant coating systems

    AIG offers a variety of surface preparation techniques covering dry blasting, slurry blast, spark free blasting, et al. Surface preparation beyond compliance with the strictest environmental protection regulations is the AIG hallmark.

    AIG has a large quantity of well-maintained equipment and maintenance team that receives the best training on a regular basis.

    Oil and Gas Services

    AIG is committed to serve our customer &rsquo s needs with high quality value added products and services. This commitment required developing a diverse and global network of qualified suppliers.

    The drilling equipment division provides a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers in the state of Qatar, Ranging from drill bits and other down hole and completion tools to pressure pumping services.

    Our product and service line includes:

    Chemical Service
    1. Production chemicals
    2. Industrial chemicals
    3. Capillary services
    4. Completion Services
    5. Completion fluids
    6. Completion system
    7. Completion tools
    8. Deep water
    9. Filtration systems
    10. Sand control systems
    11. Speciality products
    12. Well bore cleaning tools
    Process ad pipeline services
    1. Process services
    2. Pipeline services
    3. Pipeline inspection service
    Tubular Running Service
    1. Tubular running services
    2. completion assembly services
    3. Hammer services
    Pressure Pumping Services
    1. Acidizing
    2. Cementing
    3. Coiled tubing
    4. Fracturing
    5. Matrix simulation
    Corrosion Services
    1. Corrosion monitoring and inhibition
    2. Corrosion consultancy
    Tool Service
    1. Bridge plug – cement retainer
    2. Cementing tools
    3. rigid centralizers
    4. Bow spring centralizers
    5. Float equipments
    6. Linear hanger systems
    7. Seal bore packer system permanent
    8. Retrievable
    9. Open hole packers
    10. Multzone completion systems
    11. Production and test packer
    12. Retrievable
    13. Retrievable cementer
    Flow Control Equipment’
    1. Gas lift equipments
    2. Service tools
    3. Rotary tools
    4. Spare parts


    Fabrication& Erection

    AIG have been addressing the our customer‟s requirements through site fabrication shops put up at various construction sites for handling all the fabrication and allied works involved for more than 20 years. With our vast experience in handling fabrication / erection work and the drive to provide quality and cost effective services to gratify the needs of our esteemed customers.

    The AIG Fabrication Division, strategically located at close proximity to some of the major steel producers, is a fully automated State-of-the art fabrication shop with highly sophisticated CNC machinery installed for structural steel fabrication with an annual production capacity.

    Scaffolding Services

    Scaffolding Services



    AIG has a wide distribution of customers ranging from in Kingdom, Middle East to Far East. Transportation facility is a service that could be privileged to all our customers depending on their requirements. AIG extends this service to customer through a network of pre-qualified local and international freight forwarders.

    Our freight forwarders capabilities cover both land and sea transportation to any destination worldwide. Land Transportation covers in Kingdom & Middle East, whereas Sea Transportation can be provided to any Seaport in the world.

    As timely delivery is considered to be a prime objective, AIG has adapted very strict measures in contracting non product service providers. This intern provides us comfort when committing a delivery schedule to our customers



    At AIG, we understand purchasing a piece of heavy equipment isn‟t always the best option for a business, especially if you only need a machine on a temporary basis. AIG is committed to fulfilling your short-term as well as permanent heavy equipment needs. That‟s why we offer a wide assortment of heavy machines for rent. AIG is one of the best place to rent an equipment in the entire Middle East

    When you rent equipment from AIG‟sRental Store you can rest assured of getting the lowest-hour machines available. The backbone of our heavy equipment rental fleet is Caterpillar and Kumatso equipment‟s, the industry leader throughout the world. We also carry a huge assortment of quality allied machines to fit all your equipment needs.

    Our goal is to offer you competitive rates, well maintained machines and the best service in the industry.

    TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT (Manpower Support Services)

    TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT (Manpower Support Services)

    The Support Services Division consists of multi-skilled and highly competent workforces being sourced from the different parts of the world have the capabilities to manage complicated technical projects with a high degree of professionalism

    The offered services range from but not limited to:

    1. Plant Management Services
    2. Plant Engineering Services
    3. Plant Maintenance Services
    4. Plant Inspection Services
    5. Plant Operations Services
    6. Plant Shutdown Services

    AIG can mobilize manpower as per client requirements related to Plant Engineering & Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Plant Operation and Plant Inspection and Reliability for various Industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power & Utility Industries

    Manpower Category List


    Chairperson 01
    Managing Director 01
    Executive Manager 01
    Business Development Manager 01


    Administration Manager 01
    Finance Manager 01
    Contracts Manager 01
    Project Coordinators 07
    Contracts / Sales Engr 02
    Estimators 03
    Gov't Relations 02
    Accountants 02
    Programmers 01
    Data Entry operators 01
    Secretaries 02
    Purchasing Office 03
    Buyers 01
    Storekeepers 02
    Office boy 05


    Constructions Manager 03
    Mechanical 06
    Electrical 07
    Instrument 06
    Structural 09
    Architects 07
    Quantity Surveyors 07
    Design 06
    Drafting Specialist (Electrical/Civil/Mechanical) 07


    Skilled Electrical Technician 06
    Skilled Instrument Technician 09
    ElectSkilled Mechanical Technician 24
    Foreman 04
    Telephone Technician 02
    Welder 23
    (Structural & Special Materials)
    HVAC Technicians 04
    Pipe Fitter / Fabricator 26
    Erectors 15
    Auto Mechanics 12
    Steel fixers 18
    Scaffolders 12
    Forklift Operators 06
    Drivers 09
    Masons 50
    Carpenters 50
    Painters 20
    Labors / Helpers 125

    Summary of Manpower

    TECHNICAL Support Team 123
    Total 459



    The Company pioneered trading of products required for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industries. The varied range of products sourced and supplied by AIG, over 30 years, has resulted in an impressive global network of suppliers in the industry thus allowing customers a single window agency for procuring products related to their requirements.

    AIG has an impeccable track record of supplying products and rendering valuable service by executing several reputed and valuable Government tenders round the globe. The Company has sales offices all over the Middle East and in India, employing personnel who are experts in their fields and who strengthen their marketing skills with engineering knowledge. It is the emphasis on providing quality service and product that has facilitated an expeditious and sustainable growth, for AIG, over the years.

    AIG is a company also specialized in selling machines, machineries and it parts

    The knowledge, the experience and the skills we have acquired over 30 years on our primary home market is made available for the customers in the Middle east through AI Group of Companies.

    Worldwide Buying Service

    Line of Supplies

    • Distributor/Dealer Supplier of the following product
    • Zamil Ladders (Aluminum & Fiberglass
    • Patterson Industrial Fans (USA)
    • E-com Instruments (Germany)
    • HMT (International) Limited – Machine Shop/turnery Equipment (India)
    • McMaster Carr Supply & W.W. Grainger Item
    • Heavy / Industrial Equip. Including Parts & Accessorie
    • Air Compressors, Pumps & Electric Motors
    • Lifting Equipment (Overhead Cranes, Wire Ropes, Wire Rope / Web Slings, Tooling's &Accessories)
    • Welding Equipment, Ovens, Electrodes, Fire blanket tools & consumables
    • Machine Shop (Turnery) Equipment From USA (Lathe, Milling/Grinding/Band saw machines, Including optional accessories and complete line of metal cutting tools – band saw blades, carbide cutting tools, milling cutters, drill bits, cutting ad grinding wheels including measuring tools
    • Mechanical & power Tools (complete line of automotive and electrical hand tools, etc
    • Instrumentation & Power cables, testing equipment, transformers, grounding rod
    • Safety Equipment / Supplies (Breathing Apparatus, Eye Wash, Coveralls, Reflective Jackets, Safety Boots & shoes, Goggles & Safety Glasses, hand glove
    • Building & Construction Materials
    • All Hard – to-find items

    AIG can mobilize manpower as per client requirements related to Plant Engineering & Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Plant Operation and Plant Inspection and Reliability for various Industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power & Utility Industries


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